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Whitespace Design is a boutique graphic design agency specialising in bespoke logo design and branding.  Services also include web design, brochures, annual reports, packaging, presentations, infographics, exhibitions and signage. We focus on designing practical but striking designs for businesses who know a strong brand presence will make a difference to their business. We look at your business and work out how your brand design can be relevant to your audience while differentiated from your competitors. We help both established brands and startups stand out with creative and reliable design solutions. 

We work with a wide range of clients in many sectors including finance, construction, hospitality, IT, beauty and more. We believe that each client is unique and that no two briefs are the same. Each project is approached from a position of curiosity. It is important for us to learn as much as possible about a clients business, target market, industry and competitors. By understanding their needs, expectations and goals, a unique design can be created for their brand. Our aim is to communicate who you are and what you do, while making a positive impression on your target audience. Whitespace design agency help business owners to create a strong brand. We help clients understand that design is essential to attract the right customers and that first impressions count.

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Graphic Designing

"White Space in design composition is the same as use of silence in a musical composition. Without proportionate use of silence, music is unstructured; some may call it noise. Similarly, without White Space, design is unstructured and difficult to consume”

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